Roofing Contractor Software

Custom Software For Roofers

Our custom software covers roofing operations from when the customer calls requesting an estimate to when collection is made.

Job & Project Management

As a roofer, overseeing the execution of a project without the aid of software can be difficult. You must manage employee and subcontractor schedules, timesheets, used materials, permits, job costs, cash flows, pictures, commissions, customer communications, and customer reviews. Conciat software makes it easier to manage all those things at once and adapts to the way you work, not the other way around.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems increase sales by providing a fast, precise, and professional proposal to roof repair customers when they need an urgent repair. When it comes to re-roofing customers, the high project value requires the need of a professional and reliable company that they can trust. Conciat software makes it easy to create, adjust, and send the proposal while the estimator is present, increasing the chances of getting the contract signed. Overall, Conciat software helps to manage pre-acceptance leads and proposals.

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Benefits Of Roofing Contractor Software

With Conciat software, you can experience labor cost savings through process automation, lower data entry, and decreased phone and texting time to check project statuses. All the information regarding the project comes from field crews who update the system, take pictures, and clock in and out for specific jobs.