Business Process Automation

Automation Yields Greater Efficiency

Small businesses often cobble together various individual systems on an as-needed basis. Unfortunately, these systems are usually not fully compatible with each other. This inability to have a seamless workflow results in additional work, wasted time, and unforeseen holes in your system. A custom designed workflow process means going paperless and increased efficiency. The learning curve is easy because it is not a new system, it’s your own system simply managed more effectively.

In the initial stages, Conciat learns how you conduct business in order to map out your workflow system. This step is crucial, so we offer the workflow analysis portion for free. This allows you to determine the benefits of installing a customized, efficient workflow system and how it will impact your business.

Developing Your Custom Software

At Conciat, we take a look at your entire workflow — from the initial customer call to invoicing.  We ask why something is done and how it can be done more efficiently. The goal is to construct a model and integrate a workflow system that works for your business and helps you save time and money. Generating a quote, letter, work order, or invoice becomes a simple, streamlined procedure.

After the workflow system is mapped out, Conciat analyzes the entire system. We look at potential areas of improvement and give you a proposal outlining the implementation of the system, a timeline for the implementation, and the cost. After approval of the proposal, we start developing the electronic workflow system. We meet with you on a weekly basis to ensure that we are addressing all of your needs.

Once developed, Conciat will implement your system and train your staff. Once all training is completed, the system will go live. Our team will always be there to offer you and your employees technical support, not just during the initial phase.

how is custom better?

Benefits Of A Custom Software

A custom software is able to adapt to the way you conduct business and allows you to do the same or more work in less hours and with less employees. You can also scale your business to expand for new customers, or for seasonal peaks or valleys. As an owner, you can monitor and manage the activities of your employees all from your computer.

Monthly Usage Fees & Set-up Costs

Set-up fees depend upon the complexity of the workflow system. The more complex the system, the more time necessary to implement.

Upon completion of your workflow system model, we will give you an idea of the scope of the project, how long it will take, and what it will cost. Contact us today to get started.