IT to help you work smarter, not harder.

We provide custom software solutions to automate your business processes and help you increase profitability.

Why Conciat?

Working For You, Not Against You

Save Time & Money

Optimize your processes to make your systems and computer work for you.

Better Control

Get notified on what matters most and drive behavior within your organization.


We’ll help you grow without growing your labor cost.

Focus On What Matters

At Conciat, we believe you should be able to focus on running your business without worrying about IT. We map out your business processes via a workflow and its dependencies, and develop custom systems to implement accordingly. The result? Workflow automation that leads to greater efficiency.

How We Can Help You

Conciat software works for you to save your business both time and money by streamlining proposal generation, automatic invoicing, subcontractor management, contract execution management, picture uploads, and much more. As the single source of information, our custom software allows business owners and general managers to better control and manage their businesses.

Certain ubsystems are controlled by the way we set up our process, such as T-Sheets, QuickBooks, Agenda, and Picture APP among others.

How We Help You

Signs That You Need To Automate Your Business’ Workflow

Custom-Tailored To Your Process

A custom system allows for seamless incorporation to run as you do and manage all steps of your business.

Single Source Information

Serves as the single source of information for efficiency and ease of use.

Integration Friendly

Ability to integrate to other software programs and systems such as QuickBooks, Email, Calendar, TimeSheet systems, Credit Card processors, and more.

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