Cloud Security

Security Anytime, Anywhere

Sometimes business must be done on the go and there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to take it with you. The Cloud allows you to access your applications and files anywhere and at any time, while giving you peace of mind knowing that your confidential business files are secure.


Mobility, Security, and Simplicity

Cloud solutions increase productivity and provide mobility through their ease of access and use. The Cloud also provides stronger security for your business compared to having your own server. You have the advantages of duplicate power backups — including generators for electrical outages — and if your current ISP experiences issues, the Cloud has multiple internet connections that provide you with an alternative to connect to your applications, data, and files. The Cloud is not made up of just one server or computer but many, giving you the added reliability of redundancy. It is the best system for accessibility as well as security.

Get started

Getting Your Business
Set Up

When you contract with Conciat, you are also purchasing our experience. Our professionals will install the interface for the Cloud, make sure it is the correct system for your needs, and transfer all your applications and data to save you time. You will be up and running with no interruption of service or product to your customers.

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